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LLC «PECOM-NN» provides the following services:

  • vacuum metallization;

  • Calculation and design of acousto-electronic devices;

  •  Four-pole network Microwave measurements (0.01-20 GHz), two-poles on the vector network analyzer;

  • Selection and supply materials for electronic components production;

  • X-ray diffraction materials analysis;

  • Plasmochemical etching;

  • Thermal vacuum films deposition(different types).

Also, LLC «PECOM-NN» offers cooperation in implementation of the following projects:

Development and production of single-frequency microwave acoustoelectronic resonators FBAR.

Development and production of high-precision acoustoelectronic sensors of physical quantities.

Calculation and design of acousto-electronic devices.

Calculation and modelling services.

LLC "PECOM-NN" - acoustoelectronic devices Design-Center.

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