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LLC "PEComa-NN" - high-tech, fast growing company, which have combined to achieve the deserved scientists and the best experts in the field of development and design of passive electronic components. Currently the leading direction profile "PEComa-NN" is the design and development of a new generation of acoustoelectronic components using modern perspective piezomaterials and traditional types of electro-acoustic waves. Acoustoelectronic devices (filters, resonators, sensors of physical and mechanical quantities, etc.) - is fundamentally essential basic elements of all systems and advanced means of communication, navigation, radar, environmental monitoring, robotics and microsystems technology.

They allow for complex signal processing in real time with high sensitivity, wide dynamic range and high noise immunity. Unlike conventional devices, surface acoustic wave (SAW) frequency range which is limited to 2 GHz microwave Acoustoelectronic new generation devices (FBAR - film bulk acoustic resonator, HBAR - high overtone acoustic resonator), using thin-film piezomaterials (AlN, ZnO ), allow to develop more high-frequency ranges 2 to 20 GHz and above, are characterized by small weight and size, and low cost.

Currently, LLC "PEComa-NN" offers to order and sells precision resistors constant AR Series firms Viking Technology Corporation (Taiwan).
For immediate connection with the manufacturer allows us to reliably inform you about delivery times and prices for the chip resistors that interest you. Catalog. Specification.

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