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For present moment our main activity is:


  • Development of new base technologies for passive electronic component production in chip performance, including;

  •  nonlinear resistors (thermistors, PTC thermistor, varistors);

  • microwave resistors;

  • Acoustoelectronic chip components (resonators, filters, sensors, physical and mechanical values, etc.) by SAW (surface acoustic wave)and FBAW (film bulk acoustic wave) technologies;

  • Development of new base technolgies for ceramic materials for electronic equipment, in particular, optically transparent ceramics. Research and analysis properties of alumina ceramics and optical ceramics based on yttrium aluminum garnet.Due to the absence at the present moment in Russia high-quality ceramics for the new generation of electronic equipment, it is necessary to create new base technologies for ceramics creating, including optoceramics.

  • Developed by the company technologies will be demanded in all segments in electronic industry.


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For present moment our main activity is:

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